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How to Achieve Longevity

Longevity, Immortality....This is what Sun WuKong been searching in his young time after knowing monkey will die eventually.

The "death note" from the hell stated that Sun WuKong will be die on his 342 years old, but somehow, Sun manage to make himself longevity by learning longevity skill from his master.

Well, We properly couldn't find the master who taught Sun now, this is just an abstract story that everybody love, it never going to happen in real life.

We, as a mammal will be die eventually. 生老病死 (Born, old, illness and death) no one can avoid from this cycle, but what if I'm telling you that technology is possible to make us longevity, will you believe? Anyway, here are how we possible can achieve longevity in scientific way.

Sirtuin genes

Sirtuin is a genes that can be found inside our body, it's play an important role in human aging, it's repair, insulin secretion, metabolic processes, and gene expression, it's also known as "anti-aging genes"

There are 6 types of sirtuin genes been discovered so far. A male mice with overproducing the protein sirtuin 6 have an extended lifespan. In short, scientist believe that with more research and understanding sirtuin protein in our body can be expand our lifespan, it could be make longevity become real.  The research is still on going, for more detail, you can click here.

Amazing mTOR

mTOR is a protein that currently scientist study for longevity. In 2013, Dr. Toren Finkel made a breakthrough discovery with the mTOR pathway. They successfully to bioengineered a group of mice to lived 20 percent longer than the normal.

The research is still young

Currently, all the research are only carry on mice and haven't test with any human body yet. It could be another 15 to 25 years or more the technology should be ready to hyperextend your life and transform all old man and woman to be young again. So for now, we have to live long to live forever, we have to live until the day of longevity technology to be commercialised. So how do we live longer?

  1. Eat less of everything
  2. Eat healthy 
  3. Avoid obesity 
  4. Manage your stress
  5. Stay happy
  6. Drink wine in moderation (For why wine related to long live, click here)
  7. Don't smoke or abuse drug, including alcohol
  8. Subcribe and read more my blog
Longevity also can be a problem if your friend and family leaving before you. You wind up to be alone and feel lonely. So be sure to share this blog on your social media to let all of your friend knowing about this and live long to live forever together. 

Oh no, I can't wait for another 15-25 years!

Well, you still could wait until that day by freezing yourself. So you can sign up a membership here
and to paid a annual fee while you alive. 
On your death, the cryo company send in a team to cool you, package you and storage you. They will wake you up when the technology is ready. 


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