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How to Achieve Longevity

Longevity, Immortality....This is what Sun WuKong been searching in his young time after knowing monkey will die eventually.

The "death note" from the hell stated that Sun WuKong will be die on his 342 years old, but somehow, Sun manage to make himself longevity by learning longevity skill from his master.

Well, We properly couldn't find the master who taught Sun now, this is just an abstract story that everybody love, it never going to happen in real life.

We, as a mammal will be die eventually. 生老病死 (Born, old, illness and death) no one can avoid from this cycle, but what if I'm telling you that technology is possible to make us longevity, will you believe? Anyway, here are how we possible can achieve longevity in scientific way.

Sirtuin genes
Sirtuin is a genes that can be found inside our body, it's play an important role in human aging, it's repair, insulin secretion, metabolic processes, and gene expression, it's also known as "anti-aging genes…

5 Ways to Learn How to Code

I'm not a coder that having lots of experience in coding. In fact, I'm learning how to code in more difficult way that I'm sharing here. Before I learn how to code, I don't own any formal education in IT nor certification in coding.

I work as a AV technician at the beginning of my career, my job scope was to connecting the cable between the devices back in the rack. I discover my real passion while I seen how my company programmer doing amazing stuff with just bunch of code. I start to learn coding in a very difficult way, I ask the code from the programmer and read though the code. Of course, it took me a very long time to start to understand what my programmer coding about. Today, I'm going to share 5 more easier way to start to learn coding. Here we go:

1. Safari Online Book

Safari Online Book offer tons of technology e-book, journal, video and as well as online classes that you can register to. You can find all the resources that you need from beginner to expec…