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My Path to Leadership 2

Ever since I finished the 3 raisins exercise, I do the same to other meal while I'm eating alone. Focus on eating not only taste the fullness of my food but it also makes me clear my mind, put down everything temporary and focus on eating. If you haven try out 3 raisins exercise yet. be sure check out my previous blog for the instruction of 3 raisins exercise.

Inner Monologue This week is about inner monologue. 
Have you ever talk to yourself? Like while you wandering in the food court, should I eat this? Or should I eat that? Or while you driving? I take PIE then exit at... I observe my mum talk to herself while she plans her route and my colleague talk to themselves while they troubleshooting the system. As for myself, I talk to myself in my heart just that I didn't speak out from my mouth. 
I didn't think much about inner monologue before I come to reading this book, is like you won't think so much while you seeing other drinking milk,  As I'm seeing adult talk…
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Now you can save up English tutor fee with tutor robot

Are you ready for robot? Are you ready to bring a robot to your home? No matter you ready or not, Musio is now selling online in Japan. What is Musio? Check out the video below:

During my school time, my lecture taught me about 5 different generation of computer

Vacuum TubesTransistorsIntegrated CircuitsMicroprocessorsArtificial Intellingence Well, if you wanna know more about 1st-4th gen of computer, click here
What is Artificial Intelligence?
Back in 1950, Alan Tuning develop a test call Tuning test, it's a person (C) interact with a machine (A) and a human (B), if the person (C) can't distinguish machine or human, then the machine will pass the test, it mean the machine can think, like human, artificial intelligence. 
Artificial Intelligence is about a machine can understand your feeling, can learn things on its own, ultimately, artificial intelligence can think like a human and of course, its will learn faster, think faster than a human.
Years ago, only those big tech gi…

My Path to Leadership 1

Since I started my career, as a AV technician back in 8 years ago, my superior already share with me that the most challenging that he is facing is manage people. My superior was knowledgable, skilful, and confidently. As a head of engineering team, his job is to supervise and to ensure that we'll deliver the project by deadline.

He share me a lot of his story about how he manage to finish up a tough project by his alone, in comparison, we are far away from his ability. So he did try his best to educate us on the system knowledge and he is the only one who willing to share the knowledge with me at that time, I feel much appreciated for his effort till today. Despite he trying his best, but my peer was dislike him, it could be his authentic unfiltered word do make my peer felt been insulted.

From him, I learned that it's not an easy task to manage someone or to lead someone, despite I'm aware of this, I never take leadership as serious before until my staff was leave me du…

Five Shocking Facts About Technology

Technology is moving at rapid pace and all of us can't get rid of it, we are all living with technology. Computer used to be a huge component that not possible to carry around, and the exist of laptop make computer portable, with smartphone, the computer is just right in your pocket and you can access to tons of information just right at your fingertip. Here are the 5 shocking facts about technology.

1. Steve Job didn't let his children have iPadDespite Steve Job spending his life to build Apple product, writing in theNew York Timesin 2014, Nick Bilton saying Steve Job was a low-tech parent, when come to the question about his children  liked the new iPad, Job replied: "They haven't used it. We limit how much technology our kids use at." Properly Job is worry what I mention in my previous blog post What you know about technology and what you don't
2. Your phone is dirtier than a public toilet handle
How many of you do washing your phone with anti-backterial …

What You Know About Technology And What You Don't Know About Technology.

Technology is the hot topic, everyone talk about technology. Each day, when I browse though my Facebook, I saw my friend is joining some sort of investment program and writing post about today is the era of internet and E-commerce, who make usefullness of the platform such as Alibaba gaining to listed company today. They emphasize how technology is changing the business world today and why you should join them in order to make more money.

Mark Zuckerberg didn't tend to be No.1 in social media, and of course he didn't tend to be the fifth richest person in the world. Today, Mark Zuckerberg net worth is estimated to be US$58.6 million. Facebook changed everyone life, it changed how we connected.

Before Facebook, I tend to have a lot of topic with my old friend, who didn't meet each other for quite some time, we got a lot of question to each other. With Facebook today, our live are become more transparency to each other, your friend will know where is your last vacation loca…

How the future transportation like

About 2-3 weeks ago, I found a brochure on my door step. Sigh, always have to clean up the trash!
So I pick it up, and have a glance on it, oh wait, this is interesting.

An mobile application brochure, OBike, what is it? On the how to use instruction, it's said:

1. Find yourself an OBike on the map.
2. Reserve it for 10 mins.
3. Unlock it with scan the QR code.
4. So I can ride the OBike to whoever I want.

I'm still don't really get the idea of it, so I'm downloading the app to fill up my curiosity.

Wow, that a lot of bike appear just in walking distance, out of curiosity, I'm walk to one of the bike that near me to check it out.

And here what I found, an OBike just right park at my apartment downstair. I can unlock it and ride to whoever I want, and the most cool thing is, I can park it wherever I want. I can ride to the market, park, coast, park it, lock it, then the rental fee will be stop charging. How cool is that. If you have the same curiosity as mine you c…

How to Achieve Longevity

Longevity, Immortality....This is what Sun WuKong been searching in his young time after knowing monkey will die eventually.

The "death note" from the hell stated that Sun WuKong will be die on his 342 years old, but somehow, Sun manage to make himself longevity by learning longevity skill from his master.

Well, We properly couldn't find the master who taught Sun now, this is just an abstract story that everybody love, it never going to happen in real life.

We, as a mammal will be die eventually. 生老病死 (Born, old, illness and death) no one can avoid from this cycle, but what if I'm telling you that technology is possible to make us longevity, will you believe? Anyway, here are how we possible can achieve longevity in scientific way.

Sirtuin genes
Sirtuin is a genes that can be found inside our body, it's play an important role in human aging, it's repair, insulin secretion, metabolic processes, and gene expression, it's also known as "anti-aging genes…