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How the future transportation like

About 2-3 weeks ago, I found a brochure on my door step. Sigh, always have to clean up the trash!
So I pick it up, and have a glance on it, oh wait, this is interesting.

An mobile application brochure, OBike, what is it? On the how to use instruction, it's said:

1. Find yourself an OBike on the map.
2. Reserve it for 10 mins.
3. Unlock it with scan the QR code.
4. So I can ride the OBike to whoever I want.

I'm still don't really get the idea of it, so I'm downloading the app to fill up my curiosity.

Wow, that a lot of bike appear just in walking distance, out of curiosity, I'm walk to one of the bike that near me to check it out.

And here what I found, an OBike just right park at my apartment downstair. I can unlock it and ride to whoever I want, and the most cool thing is, I can park it wherever I want. I can ride to the market, park, coast, park it, lock it, then the rental fee will be stop charging. How cool is that. If you have the same curiosity as mine you can find out more OBike on their website

I see this OBike concept as a revolution idea. Before OBike, I tried to rent a bicycle and ride about 3 hours to east coast, and spend almost an hour to wait for a seat that have enough space to put our rental bicycle, the reason? we do not have lock for the bicycles. And yeah, finally we found a seat for our seafood dinner, how wonderful. After the dinner, we spend another 3 hours to ride the bicycle to where we rent our bicycle. I only tried it once, cause it too tiring. 

With OBike, I can ride it to the coast, lock it, find a seat, dinner and taking bus back home. isn't it work better? Not only saving up our time, energy but money as well. OBike rental go as low as $0.50 for 30 mins. So a ride for 3 hours will be $6, compare to $18 the conventional bicycle rental shop. 

Well, today we can rent a bicycle right from the phone, tomorrow, it could be a car. 

With the electonic car and automation vehicle arise, next time, when you open up the app, you can pick any electronic car instead of bicycle. Calling an Uber car, but with no driver in it. Car in Singapore might getting more and more luxury as owning a car is no longer necessary. 


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